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Train Different

Welcome to GARAGE1880, a new fitness studio in Denver that treats you like an individual. We put each client at the center of a holistic journey towards health, strength, and wellbeing.

Too often, the fitness industry sees you as a number, not a human being. Companies assume your goals: Lose 20lbs! Transform your body in 6 weeks! Try this low-calorie swap! Marketing campaigns bombard you with messages telling you to look different, lose weight, be smaller.

Allie Knobbe, founder of GARAGE1880, realized early in her career that these tactics don’t result in long term solutions. She found that when you truly listen, most clients’ goals are not about numbers. At GARAGE1880 we train different because we train you — a unique individual. We listen. You want to develop a better relationship with food. You want to love your body and feel confident. You want to be stronger and have more energy.

Complex goals demand a fitness experience that recognizes that you are more than a number. At GARAGE1880 you define your journey with support from a trainer who knows you and crafts a personalized wellness plan to help you achieve your goals.

It’s time to train different. Welcome to GARAGE1880.

Denver Trainer Allie Knobbe Stretching


Train different. At GARAGE1880 we listen to our clients and create personalized fitness plans that lead to sustainable, long-lasting results based on their goals. Top tier access to multiple training styles allows clients to experience a holistic journey towards health, strength, and wellbeing tailored to their needs. For additional information please visit



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