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Our Story 

As you may have guessed from our name Garage1880 started in an actual garage. But before we were even in a garage, our founder Allie Knobbe was working at training studios, commercial gyms, and building up her own clientele through social media. As Allie worked at different studios and gyms she saw the same pattern over and over again: Trainers were not able to make enough money when they got started to pay for basic needs, so they picked up side jobs. This led to trainers having little energy to focus on their personal training clients and eventually quitting personal training for something that could pay the bills. When trainers left many of their clients would leave the gym creating a lose/lose. The gyms lost passionate trainers and usually a book of clients and the trainers had to leave a job they loved for a job that covered their cost of living.

Eventually Allie too got sick of working at commercial gyms that treated trainers poorly and converted her garage into a temporary training space. After about a year of her garage gym going better than she anticipated she began to look for a space to rent.


Allie opened Garage1880 with the vision of being able to provide the highest quality training by attracting the highest quality trainers.


The best way to do that? Pay a fair and livable wage day one. Provide high quality continuing education, create a team environment with monthly seminars and create the standard of listening to clients and addressing needs on a personalized, case-by-case, basis.


We take care of our trainers so they can take care of you!

Veronica Attanasio

 Personal Training Director 

Veronica specializes in muscular endurance, strength, and hypertrophy training. Originally from Miami, FL, Veronica trained at Equinox as a Tier3+ trainer. Veronica's favorite part of strength training is when her clients realize how rewarding and fun weightlifting can be. Regeneration is just as important to the human body as is strength training. She will make sure you're getting sufficient enough rest, sleep, and nutrition to hit your goals.  On her days off, you can find her at the gym, local brewery, reading, or most likely taking a nap.


Personal trainer director in denver colorado smiling
Rebekah a personal trainer in Denver colorado smiling

Rebekah Mclain 


With nearly ten years of experience, Rebekah specializes in strength and hypertrophy training. She also has experience helping endurance athletes optimize their gym workouts. Rebekah is all about cheering on the little victories and making sure you realize just how capable you truly are. She's not just about creating healthy habits; she's all about helping you make real, lasting changes. Rebekah will be your guide to becoming the strongest, fittest version of yourself!

In her free time, she enjoys being at the gym, running, reading, or netflix and chilling.

 Certs: AFPA, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, AED, CPR 

Aaron Earley


Aaron brings an emphasis in movement based training, specializing in functional workouts to improve athletic performance for everyday life and reducing risk of injury. Transitioning from a career in social work, Aaron aspires to create an approachable, judgement free space where clients can feel empowered to challenge themselves and reach their fitness goals. In his free time, Aaron enjoys adventuring in the mountains, live music, and as a Kansas City transplant, celebrating Super Bowls (Sorry, Bronco’s fans).

Certs: NASM, AED, CPR 

Personal Trainer at Garage1880

Allie Knobbe 


Allie Knobbe, Sunnyside Personal Trainer and owner of Garage 1880

 Allie's training career has been focused on helping women achieve confidence through strength training. Allie first became interested in training when she did her original training certification hoping to learn how to navigate all of the wellness misinformation presented online. With some trial and error Allie realized, when she shifted her focus away from quick fixes and weight, to what she could sustainably do and what made her body feel good she not only felt better but also started to see the physical results she had been chasing. Allie now aims to help other women see past the fitness industry's "BS" and move their focus from how they look to how they feel. She believes the best way to help clients have a  positive training experience is to help facilitate a positive relationship with food and exercise. 

Allie specializes in women's strength, pre and post-natal and mobility training. 


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