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Personal Training in LoHi Denver

Personal Training in Denver

Personal Trainers at Garage 1880 

We take a holistic approach to personal training at Garage 1880.


Our personal trainers aim to help our clients gain confidence, develop a positive relationship with exercise, and improve mobility, strength, and endurance.

We want clients to feel good in their body and movements for longevity and overall health.

 Personal Training 

One-to-one personal training is the primary service offered at Garage 1880.

We recognize that everyone is different and work hard to provide the most individualized approach to wellness possible.

The experience and expertise our trainers provide, gives you access to the best and most effective personal training in Denver. 

 Denver Personal Trainer, Allie Knobbe

Our Personal Training Process 

Just like working with any professional, being matched with the right personal trainer is key to having an enjoyable and successful training experience. We take great care in order to ensure we match you with the right personal trainer for you!

We start the matching process as soon as we receive your training inquiry by sending you a questionnaire that covers your goals, workout history, injuries and preferences.

Once you've completed our questionnaire we set up a movement assessment with the personal trainer we have selected, based on your answers.  Our movement assessment screens for a variety of things including any muscle imbalances, mobility limitations and gives us insight on how to best program for you.

When your movement assessment is completed, the trainer you have worked with will talk to you in more detail about your expectations and goals. Based on the trainer's evaluation they will either confirm you have been matched correctly, or pair you with a personal trainer better suited for you.

Set Up a Movement Assessment!

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