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Lohi Personal trainer Katharine Moustakes

Group Fitness

Progressive Overload Meets Group Fitness 

Garage 1880's full-body strength based classes facilitate community and provide the energy of a group while remaining intimate and allowing you to get individual attention from the instructor.


Our Group Classes are capped at 10 people so our instructors can provide form corrections, personalized exercise substitutes, and the highest quality coaching in a group setting

What is unique about our group fitness classes is we follow a program. Rather than seeing different movements every time you're in class, you will see movements repeat themselves in a well-developed strength program.


This allows us to follow progressive overload and train to in a way backed by science. 

What is Progressive Overload? 

Progressive overload allows for muscle growth by gradually increasing the amount of stress placed on the body when training. Progressive overload can be reached in many ways including changing the resistance, reps, duration of the workout, rest time, or tempo. 

How do we Use Progressive Overload? 

Because our class follows a program we adjust the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale, reps and sets to ensure with regular class attendance progressive overload can be obtained. Don't worry if any of these terms seem unfamiliar one of our trainers will make sure to explain them all at the beginning of class. 

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