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What to expect training at Garage1880

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Coming to a personal training studio for the first time can feel intimidating. At Garage1880 we want you to feel as comfortable as possible while at our studio. In order to create the best experience we want to give you an idea of what to expect when you come see us for the first time.


Finding a trainer is like finding any professional: you need to find someone you like who understands you and your goals. Before you come in for a personal training consultation, we will send you a training questionnaire. The training questionnaire will ask questions surrounding your medical history, past workout experience, current activity level, goals, and if the studio should keep anything on hand to make you feel as comfortable as possible (an example might be how we keep juice around for our clients with diabetes). You can always leave any questions you do not want to answer blank, however; the more in depth you fill out the training questionnaire, the more it gives us an idea of what you’re hoping to gain from working with a personal trainer and allows us to match you with the right trainer for you!

The Consultation

The next step is coming in for a free consultation. At the consultation, you’ll talk to the trainer we’ve matched you with more deeply about the answers in your training questionnaire and training expectations. You'll also get a tour of our studio and get to know your personal trainer a bit.

Your personal trainer will then take you through a movement assessment. The movement assessment won’t feel like a workout but you should come dressed to move. Your personal trainer will take you through a series of movements based on what was mentioned in your questionnaire to see if you have any mobility limitations, to learn more about your current abilities, and to get an understanding how to best program for you. Your trainer will then talk to you about their training recommendations and how they plan to program for you.

Before Your First Session

With the findings from your movement assessment and goals in mind, your trainer will create your fully custom training program. You will have access to your training program in our app so you can know what to expect at each personal training session. If you would like to work out outside of your training sessions, you can talk to your trainer and they will program your additional strength workouts and give cardio recommendations for outside of your sessions at no extra cost.

Your First Personal Training Session

Your trainer will start by asking you how you feel that day and if anything is bothering you. Examples could include your knee feeling a little wonky upon waking up this morning, or perhaps you maybe didn’t get as much sleep as you would have liked. If adjustments need to be made to the workout planned for that day your personal trainer will be equipped to do so as they take you through the workout. During the first workout they will ask you how each exercise feels so they can confirm the exercises they included in your program are appropriate. Clear communication from both you and your personal trainer are important for an effective training program. At the end of your session, your personal trainer will talk to you about exercise recovery and any activity plans you have before you see them next.


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