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8 Great Moves to Stay Active at Your Work Desk

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Staying active while working at a desk is essential to maintaining good overall health. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and contribute to the development of back pain, neck pain, and limited mobility. To counteract the effects of sitting, it's important to engage in physical activity throughout the day, and the following 8 moves can help you stay active at your work desk.

  1. Shoulder rolls: To start, simply roll your shoulders forward and backward in a circular motion. This exercise helps to loosen up the tension in your neck and upper back and improves blood flow to these areas. Shoulder rolls are easy to perform, and you can do them while sitting at your desk. Simply take a deep breath in, roll your shoulders forward, then backward, then repeat the process several times.

  2. Neck stretch: The neck stretch is an effective way to alleviate tension in the neck and upper back. To perform this stretch, tilt your head to one side, hold the position for 10-15 seconds, and then repeat on the other side. The neck stretch is gentle and can be performed as often as you need throughout the day.

  3. Wrist stretch: If you spend a lot of time typing, the wrist stretch is an essential move that you should add to your routine. To perform this stretch, hold your arms out in front of you, make a fist, and then stretch your fingers out and hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process on both hands. This exercise helps to loosen up the tension in your wrist and improve blood flow to this area.

  4. Servers: Servers are a great way to work to open up your chest and engage your back. To perform this exercise, place your elbows to your sides at a 90 degree angle. Palms facing up bring your hands to your side squeezing through your shoulder blades.

  5. Calf Raises: Sitting in your chair, keeping your toes on the ground raise your heals up to flex your calves.

  6. T-spine rotations: T-spine rotations are a great way to improve t-spine mobility. To perform this exercise, sit in your chair, place your hands above your head, twist to the side and dip your elbow down. Repeat on the other side.

  7. Wall Cactus: To perform a wall cactus, stand against a wall and have your elbow at shoulder height in a 90 degree angle. Straighten your arms overhead.

  8. Chair twists: Chair twists are an easy way to work your lower back and improve your posture. To perform this exercise, sit in your chair and twist your torso to one side, hold the position for a few seconds, then repeat on the other side. Chair twists are an excellent way to counteract the effects of sitting and improve your posture, and they can be performed discreetly at your desk.

Staying active at your work desk is essential for maintaining good health, preventing physical and mental health issues, and improving overall productivity. By incorporating these 8 great moves into your daily routine, you


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