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Garage 1880 Brings on Former Equinox Trainer

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Veronica -  Personal Trainer new to Garage 1880 in Sunnyside
Garage1880 is excited to welcome former Equinox personal trainer, Veronica Attanasio

Veronica was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in Miami, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Film at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Florham Park, NJ in 2015. After graduation, she stayed in the New York area and worked in film production and management at the Food Network. Veronica and her husband, Nicky, moved back to Miami where she continued her production career.

In 2020, Veronica had excess time on her hands due to COVID and finally got her NASM Certification in Personal Training. You might be thinking "Wow, what a change from television to fitness," but she has always been a part of the fitness community. Veronica was a competitive swimmer for 12 years until her shoulder injury made her hang up her goggles. After swimming, she continued her high school athletic career into track and cross country. Once in college she worked at local fitness facilities and eventually became an Assistant Manager at an Orangetheory Fitness. While working at OTF, Veronica really learned how strong her passion for fitness is.

Once she became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Veronica started her career at Equinox Brickell in Miami, FL as a Tier2 trainer. Through Equinox's continued education program, she became certified as Pain-Free Performance Specialist. With the PPSC cert, she can train clients with previous injuries with minimal modifications. Just because someone hurt their back doesn't mean they can never deadlift or just because someone had a knee injury, doesn't mean they can never run. Veronica is also certified in Precision Nutrition L1. By the end of her career at Equinox, she was a Tier3+ Coach.

Veronica really started strength training and weightlifting while working at Equinox and almost immediately started hitting her fitness goals. Throwing away the mentality that "strength training will bulk," helped Veronica become a stronger runner and leaner overall. Her favorite part of strength training is when her clients realize how rewarding and fun weightlifting can be. Regeneration is just as important to the human body as is strength training. She will make sure you're getting sufficient enough rest, sleep, and nutrition to hit your goals.

Veronica and her husband relocated to Denver, CO in early 2023. Wanting to be in a community who enjoys the outdoors, health and sports, Colorado became the perfect spot. Although Veronica is really passionate about fitness, she is also very passionate about beer. If you can't find her at the gym, she will most likely be a local brewery trying different types of pilsners and amber ales. If you have any brewery recommendations, please let her know! If she's not at a brewery then she's spending her pastime reading or watching netflix. If you ever want to talk about a tv show or film, she's your girl!

P.S. Ask Veronica about her dog Chika


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