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Meet Aaron

Aaron was born and raised in Cameron, Missouri, a rural community an hour from Kansas City, MO. Aaron received his Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Missouri in 2012 and darted for Colorado after graduation to begin his Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. Aaron began his career at YouthRoots, an after-school program that empowers youth to make an impact in their local communities. Following his time at YouthRoots, Aaron took a case manager role at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado where he eventually became the Program Manager for the Sports-based mentoring program.

Denver Personal Trainer Aaron Early at Garage1880

Growing up in the Midwest, sports played an integral role in Aaron’s life. He learned at an early age the importance of resistance training for athletic performance and fell in love with the gym.

Moving to Colorado sparked a new focus on training for endurance and injury prevention. After two failed attempts at a marathon due to knee pain while running, Aaron began learning about muscle imbalances and how strength training can help promote healthy posture and alignment. After discovering a tight IT Band and underactive glutes were causing his knee pain, he made the adjustments through resistance training and finally ran the Colfax Marathon in 2016. 

After a decade in the nonprofit sector, Aaron was ready for a new direction. With a lifelong passion for fitness, he decided there’d be nothing to lose by taking on the personal training certification. Aaron’s wife, Madeline, had been training at Garage 1880 and after learning that the training philosophy of the Garage, focused on healthy movements and meeting people where they are, he knew it’d be a great fit!

Aaron hopes to blend his experience as a social worker into his training. Establishing trust, building rapport, and making the gym something clients look forward to as a respite to their daily lives is a priority for how Aaron hopes to train clients. With a passion for all sports, Aaron excels in training clients who aspire to move better. Whether it’s hiking a 14er, playing volleyball, swinging a club or bat, Aaron can adapt your programming to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury for whatever activity brings you joy. 


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